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Farrah Forsyth  E-RYT 500

My love for and devotion to yoga began 20 years ago leading me to become a certified teacher in the Hatha tradition in 2006. I have continued my education with studies in Vinyasa, Restorative, Yin, Feel Focus Flow, Trauma Informed Yoga, and Nidra. I strive to provide a calm and safe space to explore, recharge, and heal deeply from within. I encourage students to always honor their body in the moment and to make the practice their own. I am known for my soothing voice, and I love ending classes with relaxing guided meditation. My personal practice has seen me through many of life’s opportunities from injury to grief to defining personal power. It helped me define dedication for myself, develop patience, and drop in to loving with all of my being. My commitment to this practice inspires me to continuously expand my knowledge through informal life experiences presented daily, as well as formal opportunities such as trainings and endless self study, deepening my desire to assist others in finding a happier and healthier well-being on and off the mat.

"Farrah has the ability to make you feel held while in her class; held by her words, held by the Earth, held within your body. She guides in a soft yet confident way and time spent with Farrah is nourishing and deeply relaxing. I LOVE any opportunity I get to be guided into my body by her "
Lori G



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New Customer Special Receive $10 off!

One on one therapeutic sessions tailored to your unique physical being.  Dissolve your deeply ingrained tensions, while resting in luxurious personalized restorative yoga postures. Choose enhancements (included) to enrich and deepen your healing experience such as; massage, hot stones, guided meditation, moist heat wraps, weight therapy, yoga nidra, reflexology, and aromatherapy.


Prior to treatment, a questionnaire will be provided, offering all of the different options to customize your session.

Sessions available at local yoga studios in the Lafayette and Louisville area or in the convenience of your own home. Please go to my contact page to schedule and appointment or to inquire about any questions.

75 minutes  $85

105 minutes $120


"Farrah’s sessions are just absolutely phenomenal! Her ability to be present for your absolute every need for comfort is outstanding. She reminded me during the session when I was asking her for position changes here and there that this session was all about me and indulging me in whatever felt most relaxing. Farrah’s massage during the healing session is beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. I truly don’t know if I’ve ever felt more relaxed. I received the aromatherapy, massage and hot stones. The experience was absolutely divine! I recommend Farrah‘s integrative restorative healing yoga to anybody and everybody. She created and delivered a most extraordinary experience of total indulgence and relaxation! I would be a different person if I received this once a week or even monthly."

Betsy D


Community Class Offerings

Mon 12pm Flow & Restore (Shyft)

Tues 9:30am  Align & Flow  (Shyft)

Tues 7:30 pm Virtual Restorative Yoga (Yoga Junction)

Wed 9:30 am Virtual Slow Flow & Restore (Yoga Junction)

Thurs 9:30am Virtual Focus & Flow (Yoga Junction)

Thurs 12pm Virtual Yoga For Posture (Louisville Community Yoga)

Friday 9:30 am Slow Flow In The Park  (Louisville Community Yoga)

*All classes are MDT


In Addition I Offer Events, In Person, Virtual, and OnDemand classes through Guided Fitness


Yoga Junction Virtual Classes:

Please register in advance:


*Class link will be emailed 1 hour prior to class start time

Shyft  (A Donation Non Profit Based Mindfulness Studio)

1401 Zuni St., Suite 106
Denver, CO 80204


Louisville Community Yoga



*Virtual and In Person Privates Available!

Together we can focus on anything you need, whether it be stress/anxiety relief, restlessness, chronic tension/pain, strengthening, working with injury, or building up to a desired goal.  I offer a wide range yoga therapies including, vinyasa, hatha, pranayama, meditation, yin, restorative, nidra, and intuitive movement  Sliding scale available  ($55-$75 an hour). Please reach out with any questions! 


Therapeutic Yoga Series 

March 27, April 24,  May 22 


What is Yoga Nidra?


Yoga Nidra is a deeply restorative practice that promotes physical, mental, and emotional relaxation. All that it requires is resting on the floor with your eyes closed and listening as you are guided through a body scan, breath awareness, and visualizations. This practice is designed to withdraw you from distractions from the mind and body, accessing deeper realms of the mind, allowing you to release the sources of tension, anxiety, and unwanted habits. A regular practice of Yoga Nidra results in feeling less stress, increased energy, mental clarity, and a better nights sleep.


The Power of Sankalpa


  • Sankalpa is a sanskrit word that could be described as a life affirming direction, an intention, or an affirmation. 

  • By withdrawing the mind a little bit (space between sleep and wake), whatever impressions enter the mind at this time become powerful and remain there. 

  • The sankalpa is typically stated mentally at the beginning and end of practice. This powerful statement becomes a direct order from your conscious mind into your subconscious mind, and will start to manifest in your life without you even doing anything about it.

  • The sankalpa should be in the form of a short, clear, and concise statement. It should always be in present tense and be something that truly resonates and something that is deeply desired. 

  • The same sankalpa should be used at least 5 times or until you notice a shift or change and our ready to move onto something else.


MP3's Available!

I offer several MP3 recordings by donation! (suggested donation $5-$20) Download to your favorite device and practice anytime anywhere! Donations payments excepted through Pay Pal and Venmo.  Click on the  link below to request your Yoga Nidra MP3 .


Setting Deep Intention Yoga Nidra 40min 

(Focus on intention setting)

Image by Gláuber Sampaio

Floating Down the River

Yoga Nidra 40min 

(Boosting creativity)

Yoga Nidra for Anxiety
(Releasing anxiety)

A Journey Through The Chalice

Well Gardens, Glastonbury, England


(A journey through this mystical garden, setting deep intentions)

A Seasonal Walk 
Yoga Nidra 35min 
(Deepen conscious awareness, relax with nature)
IMG_20181023_151156 (1).jpg

Yoga Nidra for Tension Relief  30min 

(Releasing tension)

IMG_20200327_112607_2 (1).jpg

Healing From Within Yoga Nidra 35min

(Healing Physically, Mentally, Emotionally )



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